A day in life as a student in Japan

プロデューサー 藤森 信光
ディレクター / 編集 山角 咲季
撮影 藤原 裕明

A glimpse of what the life is like being a graduate student at Hokkaido University. Mr. Collins Nimako from Ghana shares his day routine as a PhD student. Filmed in middle of winter season in Hokkaido, Mr. Collins heads to his university to start his day at the laboratory where his Japanese “family” awaits. A rare view into the experiment room at his renown Institute of Toxicology. Mr. Collins shares how the studying in Japan fosters a practical researcher and what was the present surprise he got in Japan.



Discovering Japan as a student is a whole new experience compared to one just coming for a visit. Ms. ONUH Amara from Nigeria is currently a PhD student at Hokkaido University. She shares her initial worry of studying in Japan and how the experience as exchange student for a year lead her to decide on pursuing graduate degrees at the very same university.